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Masjid Mumin of Pittsburgh


Masjid Al Mumin Community Recognition Dinner

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Masjid Al Mumin Community Recognition Dinner
Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes


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Free Food & Free Clothes

Sponsored by
Masjid Mu'Min of Pittsburgh, Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, Muslim Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, Attawheed Islamic Center, and Muslim American Society-Pittsburgh Chapter


Atlanta, Ga hosts The 27th ANNUAL RIYAADAH

In The Name of Allah, Let The Games Begin!

Al hamdulillah (All the Praise is to Allah) ! It is time to prepare for the annual Riyaadah. The Riyaadah ( Arabic for sport) is an annual event that has been facilitated by Al-Ummah under the leadership of Imam Jamil Al-Amin for the past 28 years, ever since the formation of Al-Ummah out of the Dar ul-Islam Movement. This years historic event spotlights athletic, educational, and cultural activities for Muslims who will come from all corners of North America, Insha?Allah(if Allah wills it). The Riyaadah has been held in various cities (New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Greensboro, Norfolk, Detroit, and Flint) over the past three decades. This Twenty-Sixth Riyaadah will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on the campus of the historic Morris Brown College, Insha?Allah.

The Riyaadah will begin on Friday with the congregational Jummah Prayer at the Morris Brown Gymnasium, at 1:45 p.m., Insha?Allah. Immediately after salatul jumah, we will rally in support of the imprisoned Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin,, and later that evening, we plan a concert that will serve the cultural tastes of the young Muslim attendees, Insha?Allah. The activities will be highlighted by a mixture of educational sessions featuring well-known Imams and scholars and a host of athletic events for men, women, and youth, Insha?Allah. Throughout the day you will be able to shop and browse in the Suq (marketplace) and find those hard-to-get items, Insha?Allah. Saturday evening will offer the traditional Riyaadah banquet featuring an exquisite halal menu and recognition of outstanding national and local attendees, Insha?Allah. On Sunday Insha?Allah, we will enjoy the sports finals and championship events, and the Riyaadah will culminate with a city-wide picnic in the West End Park. We invite you to help us celebrate this momentous event by coming to Atlanta for knowledge, competition, and fellowship, Insha?Allah.

For more Information, call 1-888-414-4011 or click here>>>27th Annual Riyaadah


Muslim Women's Association of Pgh. presents:

2009 City Wide Muslim Graduation Recognition Program
including the Hameeda Abdullah Scholarship Award

Theme: "TBD"
Date & Time: TBD
Universal Academy of Pittsburgh
2103 Hampton Ave. (Swissvale)

Please submit names & contact info of graduates by June 12th
to be included in the program and to receive a certificate. 412-381-3723 or

Honorees include those moving from: pre-school to kindergarten, kindergarten to 1st grade, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, high school to college or trade school, GED graduates, or undergraduate to graduate school.

Graduating high school seniors are eligible to apply for the Hameeda Abdullah Scholarship Award. Please contact Maryam for further details: 412-381-3723/
Please find the scholarship guidelines attached.

General Letter

General Guidelines




Masjid Mumin, Nur uz Zamaan, & An-Nur Islamic Center of Pittsburgh
will be sponsoring a cookout at Highland Park. This event is expected
to commence at approximately 1:00pm. InshAllah,If you can please bring
a dish and a friend for the purposes of dawa. If you have any questions
regarding this event please contact Imam Tariq Ismaeli @ 412-241-1069.
Also, we are need of volunteers for that day. So, if you are a young brother
or sister (or if you know one who's) willing to dedicate some of time and energy for the sake of Allah please call Bro. Bukhari @ 412-983-2483 or Bro. Ali @ 412-277-8926. Jazaka Allahu Khaira. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Forgive All Of Us And Gather Us And Our Spouses In Jannatul Firdaws!!!


Now in Progress


Class: Islamic Studies

Location: Masjid MuMin 537 Paulson Avenue, Pgh, Pa 15206

Time: On Going/On Fridays at Maghrib

Note: This class will be open for brothers and sisters all are welcome.

On January 02th, 2008 (Wednesday)


Hour 2

Please Click the Link Below For the Site to view the Trailer...

On December 24th, 2007 (Wednesday)

Tijara Pittsburgh- Muslim Business Pages

The Muslim community in the Pittsburgh contributes an important proportion to the local economy by being involved in trade and business. Trade, in fact was the profession of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and hence has a special significance for the Muslim community. Today’s business world is by and large dependent upon the internet facility. However, the Muslim business community in the Pittsburgh is still relatively technologically underdeveloped. While progress is being witnessed at an individual level, we as a community still lack taking advantage of our most beneficial asset our collective inertia of doing business together.

Tijara Pittsburgh is a venture that intends to bridge this gap. This website, which is still in its infancy, aims to grow into a forum for promoting networking within the Muslim community.

The intention of this site is to assist the Muslims in Pittsburgh so they can access information that is appropriate to their own cultural needs, fill trade gaps, and ultimately benefit the community.

In today’s fast pace world there is a pressing need for services that will facilitate the day-to-day practice of our faith. There used to be a time, for example, when early Muslim communities struggled to locate a place for prayer. Thankfully things are now a lot easier. A website like Tijara Pittsburgh represents a positive step forward and we hope that with time it will grow into a complete and comprehensive database and listings catalogue for Muslim businesses throughout our locale.

To access the Tijara Pittsburgh website, please click below.

On November 15th, 2007 (Thursday)
Forward By Your Bro Abdullah Harouna...




Contact: Homewood cemetery
1599 S Dallas Ave,Pittsburgh PA 15217-1499
Phone: 412-421-1822 and ask for Muslim/Islamic section.


Call one of the following members of the Muslim Cemetery Association:

Afshan and Rehman Khan: 412-824-8786

Rana Khan: 412-721-0924

Safdar I. Chaudhary: 412-373-7339 (Home) 412-427-6828 (Cell)

Amin A. Arrashid: 412-243-7938

Khalid Khilji: 412-372-1441

Kadir Gunduz: 724-639-8042

Nasir Sheikh 724-836-3805

Zahida chaudhary 412-373-7339 (Home) 412-527-0139 (Cell)

Once contacted the Muslim Cemetery Association will assist in making necessary arrangements ( i.e .. funeral home, cemetery).

The contact Funeral Homes:
Spriggs & Watson Funeral Home:

Contact person: Mr Jones (cell:412-353 3363)
720 N. Lang Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Phone: 412-243 8080

Jobe Funeral Home
Contactperson: James R Jobe, F.D. (Supervisor)
Corner of Betty and 48 South , Monroeville PA 15146
Phone: 412-856-4747

Gene H. Corl Funeral Chapel Inc.
4335 Northern Pike
Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146
Gene H. Corl, Supervisor
Cheryll Corl Atticks, Licensed Director
James E. Atticks, Licensed Director
Phone: 412-372-2100

The family has the option of choosing any other funeral home. However. at this time, there are no formal pre-arrangements with other funeral homes to handle Muslim funerals.

Current Lot Price - $750 check written to Muslim Cemetery Association Opening and closing or grave preparation - $925 to Homewood Cemetery Graveliner-- meeting cemetery minimum requirement - $500 w holes or $550 w bottom cut out to Homewood Cemetery(this can also be purchased from any
other funeral home as long as meets basic requirements



Zahida Chaudhary
New Story


I wanted to draw your attention to a news story I heard
about recently where a man is revived from a 6 six year
coma. This man was physically assaulted and robbed 6 years prior.
He had his head beaten in and his parents were advised that he'd be
a vegetable for the rest of his life if he would survive at all. However,
in this story we can see the work of Allah, The Reviver, because the man
is provided to us as an existential ayat for all of humanity to see.
You can read more about this story by clicking on the following link

For an audio account click on the link"Mum: My boy came back"after you click the link above

News Story

Miracles Still Happen!!!

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple news stories I heard
about recently. The first is about a cat who lives in an elderly home
and whenever it sits by a patient several hours later the patient dies.
I assume that this cat can sense Malik Al Mulk coming.
You can read more about this story by clicking on the following link

The other story is about a mule who recently gave birth to its offspring. You may wonder what is odd about that. Well in listening to this story it seems to be a pretty well known fact (in equestrianism/horse info) that mules are usually sterile because of the number of chromosome it received from its parent being a horse and a donkey. This is a true rarity and dare I say a true irregularity. You can read more about this story by clicking on the following link

Both of these stories are situation which the scientists and doctors who have studied them intensely have no reasonable explanation of how this could have happened. But we as Muslim know that these are signs from our Allah (swt), Lord of All the Worlds. He (swt), allows these things with the easiest of easy. This should make us mindful about Allah (swt) and how he has the power to do as he wills, when he will, and how he wills. Also, it reminds us no matter how slow or stagnant we may think life is, we can see creation is always in motion due to Allah (swt).

In Al-Qu'ran Al-Karim, Allah (swt) says "Qun fiya Qun" (Be and it is, s2:v117, s3:v47, s6:v73, s16:v40, s19:v35, s36:v82, s40:v68) which shows how Allah(swt) brings a thing from a state of non-existence into a state of existence and vice versa from existence to non-existence.

May Allah Bless You Ekwan & I hope you have got something from these stories.
As-Salaamu Alaikum wa rahma tu-Allah wa Barakatuhu!!!


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Also we are looking for volunteers for masjid functions and
projects, if you wish volunteer time or money contact
Imam Tariq @ 412-241-1069.
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